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The International Cargo Shipping to Kuwait Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Kuwait. We list Kuwait shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Kuwait. Services provided are: Kuwait air cargo, Kuwait ocean cargo, Kuwait road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Kuwait.
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Kuwait international shipping

international shipping to in Kuwait

Shipping to Kuwait

Shipping to Kuwait is fairly straight forward as long as you do some research beforehand on what can be shipped to the country, what documents need to be included and what realistic time frames you will be facing before your package is delivered.  Once you have this information under your belt, you will be able to ship there without any hassle at all. 

Customs in Kuwait

The fees associated with shipments into Kuwait are calculated based on Customs estimated freight charges, weight, and the estimated value of the parcel.  Their Custom's web site has a Custom's fees calculator on it that can help you get a more accurate idea of their fees, especially considering they just raised them a bit.  You should assume there will be some delays as your parcel makes it's way through Customs, but you can help it along the process by making sure you have the appropriate paperwork filled out and attached to it before you ship it. 

Who ships to Kuwait?

Kuwait Transcontinental Shipping Company is a local freight shipping company that can help with moving homes or furnishings within the region.  Inchcape Shipping Services is another local company in Kuwait, but they tend to cater to more commercial shipping needs.  Alghanim Group of Shipping and Transport is another big shipping company in the area, shipping via ocean or freight cargo.  If you are shipping personal items, then you may want to consider a smaller shipping company such as FedEx, UPS or Voovit to cater to your need more specifically. 

Required documents when shipping to Kuwait

You will need to have three copies of the original invoice when shipping to Kuwait along with a certificate of origin and a bill of lading.  You will also need three copies of the original packing list for any shipments and a certificate of conformity.  You can find examples of these on the internet or you can ask your shipping company to help you procure them if you have any questions.  All shipping documents should be written in English, or at least have English copies with them. 

Kuwait has international shipping to :Ahmadi, Kuwait, Kuwait International, Mina Saud, Shuaiba, Shuwaikh,
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