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The International Cargo Shipping to American Samoa Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in American Samoa.We list American Samoa shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from American Samoa.Services provided are: American Samoa air cargo, American Samoa ocean cargo, American Samoa road freight as well as national and international movers to / in American Samoa.

Tracking your shipping to American Samoa

No matter where you are shipping from, it is a good idea to track your shipping that is headed to the American Samoa.  You can easily do this by paying a nominal fee to your shipping company for the privilege of getting one and then follow their simple system to check on the status of your shipment during its transit.

Required documents when shipping to American Samoa

You will need to have you Electronic Export Information (EEI) filled out before shipping to the American Samoa.  This information will include a declaration of your shipment's value and the costs of shipping which the Custom's department will use to assess if a duty is sue to them.  If a duty is assessed, it will need to be taken care of before your parcel is released for delivery.  You should have your original commercial invoice with your shipment as well as many times they will not accept a copy.  Some restricted items, like live plants, will require additional documentation.  To find out if this is applicable to your specific shipment, talk to your shipping company or contact the American Samoa's Custom's department directly.

Shipping limitations to American Samoa

There is an ever changing list of prohibited items for shipping to the American Samoa which should be checked for accuracy before you send anything there.  This list currently includes acids, paints, tobacco, money orders, infectious substances, corrosives or graphite products, among about two dozen other things.  There is also another list of restricted items that you should check.  This list is full of things like explosives and firearms that are only allowed into the American Samoa from certain locations and with the proper permits on file.  Failure to obtain permission before shipping these types of items there will result in either your shipment getting seized or returned to sender at the sender's expense. 

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