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Shipping to Bouvet Island

Being the Bouvet Island is a completely uninhabited island, there is no reason to be shipping anything there.  The island does not even have scientific researcher that visit the island throughout the year, like Antarctica does, nor does it even have the resources to house researchers or visitors if they wanted to go there for whatever reason. You can't even get to the island by boat typically, unless you anchor off shore and use a smaller boat to get closer.  This is an extremely unlikely proposition though because of the frigid waters and violent temper of the ocean in that region.  You can also not fly there on a plane of any size due to the lack of an airport or even a place to use as a suitable landing strip such as a field.  It is the general consensus that the best way to get to the island would be via a helicopter that starts out on a boat.  This is not to say that people have not been on the island before.  It is just to say that people do not typically do it and if they did, they would have no where to sustain their stay, let alone enjoy deliveries of any sorts. 

Customs in Bouvet Island

Technically, if they even opened up Bouvet Island to inhabitants, be it permanent or transient, it would most likely fall under the Norwegian Customs officials by laws because it is a territory of Norway. 

Who ships to Bouvet Island?

No one ships to Bouvet Island because no one lives there or even visits there on a regular basis.  It is considered a nature preserve because it is a volcanic island, but in truth, little to no research has been done there since it has been discovered and there are currently no plans on the book to begin such activities.