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International Shipping from / to Burkina Faso

The International Cargo Shipping to Burkina Faso Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Burkina Faso.We list Burkina Faso shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Burkina Faso.Services provided are: Burkina Faso air cargo, Burkina Faso ocean cargo, Burkina Faso road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Burkina Faso.

Shipping to Burkina Faso

Shipping to Burkina Faso is fairly straight forward given its location.  You can ship there via ocean cargo freight liners, air mail or by road freight trucks. 

Shipping destinations in Burkina Faso

The city of Ouagadougou is the main hub to receive freight liner trucks that are headed into Burkina Faso, but they may enter at other points.  No matter where your shipment enters the country, it will be subject to inspection through their Customs department so you should be prepared for that.  Also, you should note that not all destinations in Burkina Faso will have delivery service to their locations.  In these cases you recipient will need to travel to a centralized location to pick up their parcels, most likely in a major city.  Your shipping company will be able to advise you if your shipping address falls into this category so that you can notify your recipient in advance and they can plan accordingly.

Shipping limitations to Burkina Faso

Before you ship anything to Burkina Faso, you will want to double check for their current list of prohibited and restricted items to make sure what you are trying to ship is allowed in their country.  Currently you are not allowed to ship any acids, blank stock checks, infectious substances, knives, liquor of any kind, perfumes or paints or any magnetized materials there, as well as about two dozen other items.  Additionally, there are certain items, such as human corpses, that may only be shipped there if you have special permission before trying to do so.  This special permission will require a fee to be paid in most instances and permits or additional documentation to be filled out.  If this applies to your shipment, be sure to have the paperwork affixed to your parcel for the Customs officials to see when they are inspecting it or you could be faced with heavy delays. 

Burkina Faso has International Shipping to: Bobo-Dioulasso, Boromo, Dedougou, Dori, Fada-Ngourma, Gaoua, Mangodara, Markoye, Ouagodougou, Ouahigouya, Po