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The International Cargo Shipping to Georgia Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Georgia.We list Georgia shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Georgia.Services provided are: Georgia air cargo, Georgia ocean cargo, Georgia road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Georgia.

Security concerns when shipping to Georgia

Shipping to Georgia involves a fair amount of risk to the security of your parcels mostly due to a high rate of corruption within the government.  Government officials within the Customs department sometimes lift packages from their shelves for personal use, specifically gifts or items that they think have some value for resell.  Other times the workers in Georgia who unload shipments at the ports or at the airport take parcels and goods.  The point being that many, many items are stolen when shipped to Georgia.  So many, in fact, that some shipping companies will not offer insurance for your shipment when sending it there, putting you in a send at your own risk type of situation. 

Packaging when shipping to Georgia

Keep in mind that your package will most likely be searched when shipping it to Georgia and pack it accordingly.  You will want to make sure your items fit securely in their packaging, be it an envelope or box or what have you, but not too snugly that they can't be unpackaged and then repackaged by the Custom's department during their screening process.  If you need help preparing your shipment, talk to your shipping company as they will assist you in getting your parcel ready to ship. 

Transit times when shipping to Georgia

The transit time for your shipment to get to Georgia mostly will depend on where you are shipping it from in the world.  If you ship it from the Untied States, for example, it will typically take longer to get there than if you ship it from Russia due to their proximity.  You can talk to your shipping company for options in shipping speed as many times they will offer expedited services for most shipments, although some may not qualify.

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