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The International Cargo Shipping to Malta Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Malta.We list Malta shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Malta.Services provided are: Malta air cargo, Malta ocean cargo, Malta road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Malta.

Shipping services to Malta

Being a relatively small island means that most of the shipments that head into Malta are going to be via ocean cargo freight liners or air mail.  Some smaller vessels do carry packages from nearby countries, but that is a small percentage of the shipments received.

Customs in Malta

The Customs department in Malta is fairly straight forward.  They are going to possibly search your package to make sure it complies with the regulations and guidelines put forth as far as what is allowed to be shipped there and what is not.  Customs is also going to administer a duty, or tax, upon your parcel based on the assessed value of the contents.  If it does not hold a value of significance, then it may pass through without much hold up.  But it is important to note that items will not be released from Customs unless any duties have been paid.

Who ships to Malta?

Parcel Force Road Freight is an on the ground delivery service that distributes parcels within Malta.  Some companies, such as DHL for example, partner with them so that once the shipment gets into the country, Parcel Force handles it's last leg of the journey to its recipient.  Malta Express is another option for a local company to handle deliveries as they offer courier services and much more.  Anglo Pacific, NEX and Dynamic Freight are larger companies that service this small island nation, but there are many more worth looking into meaning you should do a complete Google search for the current providers in Malta before you choose. 

Transit times when shipping to Malta

The amount of time it take your parcel to get to Malta will vary on a few things such as where you are shipping it from, what mode of transportation you opted for, and what speed of travel you paid for out of the choices given. 

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