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I heard the shipping to UK is now possible, do you agree to this? I am from Belfast, Ireland and will be transferring to Manchester, UK in, maybe, 3 weeks time. Will your company be able to ship my items on time and without damaging them? I did not do an inventory of my things yet but I want my 3 various sized LED TVs with wall mounts, matching buffet and dining table with 8 chairs, entertainment center with several speakers, blu-ray and DVD players, 2 desktop computers, 1 king size canopy bed, couches (two seater and 5 seater), glass office desk, ergonomic office swivel chair, massage chair, 4 electric fan, humidifier and microwave oven. I still need to count how many boxes or containers my clothes, bags, and footwear would fit in. Oh, and also my books and other supplies. I hope that the price rate for a shipping company is not that expensive since I have a really tight budget. I had been thinking about selling my items prior to my move but I can’t seem to part with them. Please email me the rates as soon as possible so I can prepare my things and my funds.