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Good day. I would like to send several boxes of dry goods and I was wondering if you offer shipping to India? I am from Athens, Greece and needs to ship 10 to 15 large boxes of clothes and footwear to Amritsar, Punjab, India. If ever, this would be my second time to use a shipping company. I am really nervous about this future transaction because the first time was not pleasant. My good arrived ruined, squashed, and opened. I had no idea if some where stolen but I really think something was taken. I never want to experience that again. I am contacting your company because I feel that your company could be trusted and has superior customer service. I want my shipment to arrive in about 3 weeks so please send your rates to my email immediately. If I do business with you again, will you offer discounts? I normally sent my goods personally because I also need to check up on my store branches but because of cost-cutting issues, I would just like to have them shipped out. I really hope that your prices are reasonable. Please contact me soon. Thank you.