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Hello. I hope that you would help me. I am looking for a company that allows shipping to Ireland. I am from Vienna, Austria but I will be moving to Belfast, Ireland in about two months. I am not sure as to what to bring but if the price you’ll be offering won’t be too steep, I may want to have everything shipped out. If possible, I would want all my furniture and appliance to be included in the shipment. I don’t really know how many things I have but the basics are a dining table, bed, clothes cabinet, refrigerator, microwave oven, portable stove, electric heater, treadmill, weights, bicycle and a few tables and chairs. How will I get your rates? Will you message me via email or call me up? I hope that you’ll contact me as soon as possible since I need to finalize everything and check my funds before confirming anything. Also, I would like to know if your company will be the one to wrap and pack all my stuff. Will they come to my house and do that? I really don’t want to have to pack the items myself. Thank you.