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Hello there, I am Claire and I am writing to you to ask some important things about shipping to Mexico. I am from Nagoya, Japan but I will be moving to Mexico City, Mexico soon. I was hoping that you provide reliable service because I would like to ship several furniture pieces that I have made myself in hopes that I would sell them in my new home. The furniture pieces I would like to be shipped include several bookcases, bathroom vanities, wall mounted shelves, high-backed chairs, and dining tables. Do I need to pack them myself or do you have a specific way of packing them to avoid damage and scratches? These items mean a lot to me and would sustain my new life in the new city so I really want them to arrive in perfect condition. When can I expect to see your rates? Will you be calling me or emailing? Either way, I hope that you’ll contact me immediately because if everything will be ironed out, I will be flying immediately. The shipping of the furniture is the only thing that I am waiting for.