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Shipping Spices to United Arab Emirates

Garnish That Inc

Garnish That Inc is the fastest growing spice company in Africa right now, leading to rapid growth and expansion properties. Having just secured a contract with resellers in the United Arab Emirates, we need to acquire a shipping company to handle shipping and delivery to that nation beginning in February 2013. Garnish That Inc holds the quality of its spices as its most valuable commodity so we need to corroborate that our products will be handled with the utmost care and attention as any damage will be deemed the responsibility of the shipper. We will hold no liability for the shipment once it is delivered to your company and will only take delivery on the other side once it passes our award winning thirteen point quality assurance check list. This check list was created to ensure that our spices maintain their high level of excellence no matter where in the world a customer enjoys them. Without this, we would just be another spice company, which we are not. When you provide your pricing list for shipping, please also provide us with you liability policy for our review. Thank you.