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Shipping furniture to the United Kingdom (UK)

American Wood Works

American Wood Works is set to begin sending its furniture to the United Kingdom (the UK) in April of this coming year. We need a shipping company to handle the load of the furniture we need to send over three times a month from our port in New York, New York. We can also make deliveries to Baltimore, Maryland if that is more convenient for the shipping company and it is more cost effective so please supply us with quotes for leaving at both ports so we can compare the two locations and make an educated choice. If you are unable to handle the load of three shipments per month, we are somewhat flexible in adjusting that schedule so feel free to bid on this project making sure to just note what works best for your end as far as scheduling goes so we can see if that works on our end. Also, with your bid, please supply us with a minimum of five references for us to research when contemplating your bid. Thank you.