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Motor oil has a vast number of applications and the United States is a large scale consumer of said product. That is why Mobile Motor Oil is looking for additional shipping avenues into the United States. We already have three separate shipping companies that deliver to the United States, both the East and West Coasts, but we have maxed out their shipping schedule capabilities in all three companies which is why we are seeking a contract with a forth company. The ideal candidate will be able to handle large supply demands and work around our schedule requirements as opposed to us working around theirs. We need all standardizations and certifications to be met and followed, leaving no room for errors or hold ups. And finally, since we will be shipping regularly and in such high volume, we expect your pricing structure to reflect as much as well as you must be willing to complete a non compete so that we don't have any conflicts of interest. Please submit a detailed proposal on how you plan to accommodate us and why we should choose you.