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Ireland's Gold

Ireland's Gold is the largest producer of fine quality Irish butter in the world and we are pleased to announce that we are expending our market reach into Canada. We need to secure a contract with both land and sea shipping contractors to get our butter into the hands of the Canadians in a timely manner. There is a temperature concern with our butter so whatever company we choose will have to be able to accommodate the cooling requirements set forth in our terms and conditions which we will supply to all candidates once we receive your bid. Additionally we expect all shipments to adhere to a quality assurance test once delivered to make sure the butter arrived in good fashion without its taste or texture compromised. This quality assurance test will be done to every pallet we ship and preformed by a member of our trained team so ensure that we are all on the same page. Please ask any questions about the shipping volume or specific destinations or anything before you bid to make your bid as accurate as possible.