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Our law firm, Lehman, Delaney and Schwartz, is headquartered in New York, but have satellite offices in Paris, London and Prague. As you can imagine, we have sensitive materials that are in need of secure delivery and pick up which is why we choose to favor courier services over the traditional postal services available most of the time. We are currently putting our feelers out for a new courier shipping company that can deliver packages throughout Germany and potentially surrounding countries as well. The integrity of our client's legal matters are at stake here so only the most reputable companies will be entertained as candidates for this contract. But please know that we are an extremely loyal firm. Once you have proven your trustworthiness to us through consistent delivery timing and security, you will be rewarded handsomely with more and more work. Please provide with your price quote a detailed description of your vetting process for your couriers as well as background information on both your company and your men and women in the field.