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Shipping My Home to Denmark

Hi there. My family and I are going to be moving to Frederiksberg, Denmark from here in Fiumicino, Italy in January and need to have our entire house moved. Included in the move will be all of our furniture (couches, lounge chairs and a chaise, three beds, four dresser drawers, a lingerie chest, one dining room table with ten wooden chairs that match, some side table, a buffet table, four cherry book cases, etc.), at least five dozen boxes with household items such as books and kitchen items in them, and two automobiles. We also have a scooter to ship, but we may be selling that before the move. Please supply us with bids for shipping our home to Denmark within the next three weeks so that we have time to do our due diligence and make an educated decision on who to go with for the move. We will take care of all the licensing and paperwork for the automobiles to be registered in Denmark once we arrive so we do not need that service.