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Business Moving from New York to Washington


Hello there, I need some help in moving some office equipment from old office in Manhattan down to my new one in Washington DC. I have computers, filing cabinets, and a very delicate printing machine that probably weighs around 350 pounds. My business is primarily involved with the printing industry. I make plenty of good deals with creating paper based adverts and flyers, and the tools that I need from my old office will be of great help in Washington. I can certainly buy new models of my old printers and press machines, but I am quite confident with the use of the old ones. I could have bought it with me in my moving van, but it was already too filled with my personal things. Besides the computers and printing presses, I also need to include my office desks, 2 lounge chairs, and other small items that I have forgotten to bring from my old office. If there is anyone interested in helping me, I hope that you can send me a message right away.