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Ship computer equipment from San Francisco to London

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Home based Internet video production company is relocating from San Francisco to United Kingdom. Have several pieces of equipment to ship, including desktop computer, five flat screen monitors, green screen, iPads, video camera, and lighting. Would like to find most reasonable rate for shipping total amount overseas via sea. Bids will be judged on convenience, price, as well as clarity. Please mention whether you provide additional services such as packing and home pick up with the estimate. Your advice on the best way to pack sensitive computer equipment and high powered lighting would be appreciated. How many boxes can go on a pallet? How many pallets would such an endeavor entail? Is there an accurate way we can determine how much everything weighs? What about insurance for the valuable cartel? The items are to be shipped from a house in San Francisco to an office building in London. The founder of the company will be present at time of pick up. However someone else will be signing for the packages when they arrive.