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Shipping antiques to Gothenburg, Sweden

A Time Past

A Time Past is a boutique antique collector with locations in Hamburg, Germany and Milan, Italy. We are in track to open a third location based in Gothenburg, Sweden at the start f the new year so need to move some inventory from our other two locations mentioned to the new shop. All of the items, I dare say, will be quite fragile, some more than others. For instance, we have turn of the century dressers and side boards that will need to be handled with care, but the antique mirrors will need be handled much more so with delicate hands. Being a boutique antique collector, we pride ourselves in having a wide array of one of a kind pieces that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. That is why is it beyond important that all of our items be shipped by a reliable, reputable shipping company that will handle the pieces of furniture with kid gloves, so to speak. We will be checking references and referrals so be prepared for that piece of the vetting process if you choose to apply.