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My husband is stationed at an air base that is located just outside of Tokyo, Japan. I want this to be a surprise to him so I am requesting information about companies who are experienced in shipping to Japan. The package is rather small, and is only about 2 feet wide by 4 feet in length. It is also fairly light at about 3 pounds. Although the overall weight could vary depending on how much packing material is finally added. The item is an electric guitar that he has had since he was a teenager. He is an avid musician and I can tell from his words that he misses having the ability to make music. I think if he has this guitar that it would help brighten his day and will make his being away from home a little more tolerable. Please email me with information about how much it would cost for me to send this item to Japan. Please also let me know about how is the best method to pack this so as to protect it from damage. Also, please let me know about how much it will cost. Thank you so much.