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I have the need to ship a package to my niece who lives on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland. The package is fairly normal sized and is about 2 ft by 1 ft. It weighs about 3 pounds. The contents should not break and there is nothing perishable. However, I do request information from a respected company that has experience in package shipping to Ireland, especially from Brazil. Since the contents are fairly reasonable, would I require any special packaging? Although I would like to have the package delivered asap, I do not require expedited shipping services. However, I would like a record of delivery, and if you can provide some sort of tracking method I would like that as well. Since you have my email address, please also include with your information your current cost estimates. Do you also have information about any taxes, fees, customs duties that would be involved with this type of shipment? Thank you for reading my questions and responding in kind.