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I want to send a package by using express shipping to Greece services. I look to receive contact from a reputable company who has a great amount of experience in this field. The shipment is a box of collectible figurines that I have been accumulating for a few weeks. I am sending them to my mother who appreciates little things like this and is somewhat of a collector of them. No, she is not that kind of a collector. She merely collects them for her own personal enjoyment. What I need to know is if your company can guarantee the timely delivery of this package and if you can also assure me it will arrive undamaged. I cannot replace these items, so the latter assurances will weigh greatly in my decision as to which company to use for this shipment. Also, how much will your charge for me to ship my package with your company? If my package is damaged during the shipment, will you make amends by including comparable compensation for this? Please email me with my requested information. I can have the package ready for pickup within an hour. Thanks.