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I am on holiday at London, United Kingdom (UK) and I want to send a package of some undergarments that I discovered in a local shop to my sister. If your company is experienced in international shipping to Columbia, please email me as soon as possible. Please also include any packaging information so that I may pack these items to protect them from potential damage during shipping. Also, does your company sell packing material at your drop off location? You do have a drop off location, don't you? If so, then please include the local address so I can hand this to your company for shipping and pay for the service. When can my sister expect delivery of this package? If you send your information to me today, I can drop it off today. How much are your shipping costs? Can I purchase insurance when I pay for the shipping? If you also offer international express shipping please include that information as well. Thank you for sending me your information and for your assistance in shipping this package.