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I need to send a package and I am here to inquire into whether there are any companies who offer express shipping services to Guinea. If so, then please send me an information packet on your shipping services. Within this information, please include your current pricing, delivery schedules, taxes, fees, duties, and any other information that may be necessary to complete this delivery satisfactorily. The package will be shipped from Hong Kong. If your company has any drop off locations please include that information in your email. Please also include if your drop off location has shipping supplies available, and perhaps some information on how it is best to prepare my package for express shipping to Guinea. The package is only about 1 ft by 1 ft by 1 ft and weighs less than a kilo, so it is rather small by comparison to some of the packages you may handle. Can you email me an estimate of how much you will charge me to ship this package with you? Can you also guarantee it will be delivered on time? Thanks.