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Why would I post to this forum to request information about express shipping to Latvia? That answer is simple. It is because I anticipate there are many companies who visit this forum that will directly respond to my inquiry and who can arrange for me to ship my package right away. My package has the dimensions of 3 ft by 3 ft by 2 ft and weighs less than 9 pounds including the packaging. So yes, I have already prepared the package for shipping. There is nothing perishable or breakable in this package, but I do hope you can deliver it undamaged. Now for the part that I need the most. Can your company provide a pickup or drop off from my location just outside of Oslo, Norway, and deliver this to the destination in Latvia by the end of next week? This is important. Also, please include with your email how much you will charge for this express delivery service. Does your company also provide a tracking service? Thank you for everything and I look forward to your emails.