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Air Cargo Shipping to Jordan

Posted by: Melissa Winehardt

I am posting to this forum in anticipation of finding information about air cargo shipping to Jordan from companies who have experience in this field. If you do, then please send your information direct to my email account as soon as possible. This shipment for air cargo consists of 7 pallets of fasteners that are being shipped from our facility here in Cologne and is destined for Petra, Jordan. How soon would you estimate you will deliver this cargo? The cargo is prepared for shipping and awaits the arrival of your equipment to pick it up and transport it to your nearest shipping facility. The shipment weighs 1.27 metric tons or 1270 kilos whichever weight measure you prefer. What is your estimated cost of completing this delivery? What are your claims policies? Do you offer any guarantees of on time delivery? Do you promise there will be no damages to the cargo during shipping? Will you complete the delivery from pickup at our facility to the delivery at our customer's facility? Thank you for sending this to me.