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Package Shipping to Macedonia

Posted by: Olivia deGrace

I have the need to ship a package from my home here in London, United Kingdom (UK). If your company is involved in package shipping to Macedonia then I request that you email your company's shipping information to me as soon as possible. Does your company offer pickup service from a residence? If so, then would you also assist me in preparing this package for shipping? All it needs is some packing material and tape. I already have a box. How much will you charge for this extra service. When do you estimate you will have this package delivered to Macedonia once it is picked up? I would like for this to be delivered by the middle of next week? Is this a possibility for you to do? What are your shipping rates for shipping this package? Are their any warranties against damage during shipping? How do you provide restitution if there is damage? I look forward to receiving your company's shipping information. Thank you for doing this.