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Furniture Shipping to Oman

Posted by: Yelsif Ottowaman

I am on a business trip to North Carolina in the United States and I have found some furniture that I would enjoy having in my home. However, my home is in Oman. Are there any companies who can handle furniture shipping to Oman? There are three pieces of furniture. Two of these pieces are typically sized end tables that are befitting for a living room. The other is a large sofa that is about 8 ft in length. I will need to have your company prepare these items for shipping as well as to ship them to Oman. Can your company pack these furniture pieces so they will not be damaged during the long journey to Oman? Can you also guarantee there will be no damages incurred? How much do you charge for both the packing services as well as for the shipping? How soon can you have this furniture delivered to Oman? I will be leaving here within the next week. Can you have this delivered by the time I return home? Please respond to my email address with this information.