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Container Shipping to Luxembourg

Posted by: Johnny Trey

My company is located just outside of Austin, Texas, in the United States and we need to ship a container load of shoes to a European customer. Therefore, we need information about container shipping to Luxembourg from companies who have the experience and the available resources to complete this delivery within the next two weeks. Can you do this? The weight of the cargo being shipped is 12,357 pounds. If you can arrange for an empty container to be dropped at our facility we will have this container preloaded for your driver to pickup when they drop off another empty container for the next shipment. As you can assume, we need a company who can commit to multiple shipments. Is this something that your company can do? Please include in your email, your standard information kit as well as the answers to our questions above. Of course, we would also need to see your current rate and delivery schedules. Also, please include a person of contact with this info as well as we would like to have a means of direct contact with your company. Thanks.