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Office Supplies and Such, Co.
Posted by: Mary Hartnet

Office Supplies and Such, Co. is the leading office supply chain in Germany. Beginning in the third quarter of this year, we are going to be expanding our footprint to include the bulk of Austria. Most of our sales are done on line, but some are still done through catalogs. We will need to ship catalogs to the businesses in the areas we will be targeting in Austria, as well as the actual office supplies once the orders start to pour in. We tend to sell a lot of paper products such as note pads, post it notes, and legal pads, but we also sell a fair amount of printer ink, highlighters, pens and other office odds and ends. The timeless of our orders are a must with us so please only apply if you have an impeccable track record for on time deliveries and happy past customers as we will be doing a thorough background check before choosing our carrier.