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International furniture shipping to Japan

Brantley, Foster and Leewards PPA
Posted by: Paul Harkins

Brantley, Foster and Leewards PPA is going to be opening up a satellite office in Tokyo, Japan in April of this year. We need to find a reputable International shipping company to get our pieces of furniture to the new location from where they are currently in storage in Rome, Italy. These pieces of furniture have been meticulously gathered from a number of specialty stores and antiques shops all around the globe. Their price tags range quite a bit, but all of them are significantly valuable in one manner or another. With this in mind, you can hopefully understand why we will be requiring which ever vendor we choose to offer insurance for our goods. We do realize this will be an additional fee, but it is a deal breaker if you do not offer it. Also please include your Customs forms that we will need to have filled out before shipping with you as well.