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Expedited International shipping to Israel

Augeri and Sons
Posted by: Bobby Rougeux

I need to process an order that will require expedited international shipping to Israel. The point of origin will be Lyon, France. There are 3 wooden crates to ship. The combined weight of these crates is 242 kilograms. How much will you charge me to ship these crates to Israel? How quickly will you deliver them? The customer has requested a rush delivery service as they need the machine parts for their manufacturing process. Can you provide a guaranteed delivery by a certain day and / or time? Do you provide a tracking number for this expedited international shipment? How can we access that tracking information? Will you bill us for the shipping charges at the time of shipping? Can we prepay our shipping charges? Is there someone that we can contact at your company if we have any further questions after we have reviewed the information package that you will email us? Thanks for sending us this information on such short notice.