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Express International shipping to Hungary

Dominguez Brothers
Posted by: Heladio Albarran

My company is processing a shipment at our warehouse at Monterrey, Mexico. Our customer has requested express international shipping to Hungary. Therefore, we must connect with a shipping company that can provide reliable, efficient, and affordable shipping between Mexico and Hungary. How soon can you provide a pickup at our warehouse? The shipment will include a small wooden crate that will weigh slightly less than 100 kilograms. Do you think it will cost very much for us to ship this with your company? When can you deliver this to Hungary? Will both we and our customer be provided with a tracking number so that we may monitor the shipment's progress? Will it be possible for us to opt-in to receiving an email notification of each of the shipment's status changes? A couple of other questions that I have include will you guarantee that only our customer will be able to receive this shipment? Do you offer a restricted delivery? Thanks for sending this information to my included email address.