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International parcel shipping to Slovakia

Roasted Books Guides
Posted by: Herman Bunch

Good afternoon. Roasted Books Guides is a book supplier based out of Georgia in the United States, although we ship to most countries around the globe. Starting in April, we will start shipping to Slovakia as we have just secured a contract to become a reseller there. Given these recent developments, we are in need of an International company that ships to this country in a safe and reliable manner. The overwhelmingly large majority of these shipments will be parcels with books in them although some will have other periodicals such as magazines. Please indicate in your shipping quotes if you offer any tiered shipping for different speeds of shipments for these parcels and any weight restrictions. Also please indicate if you offer media shipping which does tend to be less expensive, although considerably slower. Any other information that you may need to help craft your quote can be attained by emailing me back or responding to this post. Thank you for your time.