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Expedited International shipping to Greece

Posted by: Lavine Barthelemy

I work for a company that is located at Drummondville, Quebec, Canada. The order we are completing requires expedited international shipping to Greece. What are the proper procedures for preparing an international shipment? Also, what are the typical shipping charges for expedited international shipping? Would it be too much to ask if you will send me information about your company's shipping services? How soon would you be available to provide a pickup at our facility? Also, how soon do you estimate you will deliver this shipment to Greece? Is that a guaranteed delivery date? Does your company also offer assurances that our shipment will arrive at its destination without being damaged? What is the value limits that your liability would cease? Can we purchase insurance that will cover the difference between the declared value and your liability limit? Please send this information to my email address. And please also include what payment options you accept as well. Thank you for supplying me with this information. I will contact you soon after I have had sufficient time to review it.