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Expedited International shipping to Ukraine

Posted by: Jenoa Campione

I have been assigned the task of making the shipping arrangements for an order that my company is currently processing. As this is my first assignment, I want everything to go well. Therefore, I need to ask for information from an experienced company that will describe how international shipping to Ukraine works. I will also need to ask that if you have a general information package that you can send to my email address, that you please do so. Who handles the customs documents? I am vaguely aware that our company will have them made out, but I just need to ask if we should include any taxes or fees when we pay your company for your shipping service. How much will you charge us for this international shipment that we will ship from Italy? Also, when do you estimate you will deliver it? Will you only deliver the shipment to our customer? What will happen if there is no one at that location at the time you attempt a delivery? Will you make any further attempts to deliver it?