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Containerized International shipping to Kuwait

Posted by: Braulio Mosqueda

I have an order that will require containerized international shipping to Kuwait. This will be shipped from our warehouse here at Madrid, Spain. We would like to have an empty 53 ft ocean container made available to use for loading within the next week. If your company requires an advanced notification before you can accept a pickup appointment, please advise us when you send your initial information package. Please include in your information your current shipping rates, as well as your estimated time to deliver this cargo to Kuwait. Do your shipping rates include all of the charges that will be applied to our shipment? Are there any reasons that you may impose additional charges on our shipment? Also, is it possible to upgrade or downgrade the level of shipping service after the cargo is in transit? Since I have include my direct email address to this forum, I will expect that you will send your information to that account. Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry.