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International equpiment shipping to Indonesia

Medical Solutions Inc
Posted by: Beth Forester

Medical Solutions Inc caters to hospital grade medical supply needs throughout the globe, aiming to equalize the care that our patients receive, no matter what part of the world they are in. We are going to be shipping to Indonesia starting this July and need to find an International shipping company that can ship our equipment there. Some examples of the equipment we will need to ship include radiology equipment, CAT scan machines, and sonograms machines. We will also be shipping the supplies that go along with them such as spare parts and cords and paper for the print outs, etc. All shipments will be required to have insurance on them and a tracking system in place. The shipments will be from our manufacturing plants in Japan and be processed in Limbong before being disseminated throughout the region. Please provide a minimum of four references upon applying for this shipping job. Keep in mind that this is for a long term arrangement.