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International vehicle shipping to Chile

Varoom Car Rentals Co
Posted by: Brandy Marks

Varoom Car Rentals Co is going to be opening shop in Chile this summer. As an agent for this fine auto rental company, I have been asked to find out about vehicle shipping options to Chile from our warehouses where we stored many of the vehicles when not in use. We are based in Santiago, Panama so all vehicles will be shipped from our facilities there, heading down to Chile. We are aware that this kind of International shipping would most likely pigeon hole us into using ocean cargo freight liners and we are fine with that shipping option. This is not to say that we are definitely going to be using this mode of shipping so please still bid on this job if you are a road freight liner company that can help with this kind of shipment. the important thing that we will be looking for is stability in an International shipping company with experience to do the job right.