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International furniture shipping to Turkey

Brooks Dental Research Company
Posted by: Tanya Brooks

Hi there. I am with Brooks Dental Research Company and I need help with shipping. I have some furniture I need shipped from our home offices in Aleppo, Syria to our satellite office in Konya, Turkey. It is mostly dental equipment type of furniture like the reclining chairs and the over head light fixtures, both of which are very pricey and need to be shipped with the utmost care and delicacy. We will be requiring which ever International shipping company we choose to give our business to to have insurance being offered on our entire shipment and any future shipments that we place with them. Please provide us with your business insurance information so that we may double check to make sure that is up to date and good to go before we proceed with your background check as well. If you could provide us with five references upon your reply to this posting, that would save us some time as well.