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HILT Hymakers Inc
Posted by: Shane Barker

Good morning. I am looking to have some office shipping to Japan this up coming month. We here at HILT Hymakers Inc are going to open a new office in Japan, opening in the next few months. I need to make arrangements to have some office things shipped from our main offices here in Laos to the new location in Japan, which will make it an International shipment, obviously. I have a number of pieces of electronics that will need to be shipped such as copiers, fax machines and scanners. I will need some help setting them up in the new office as well so please take that into account when formulating your quote and your time line. Please ask whatever questions you may have before bidding though so that I can answer whatever queries you have. i would like to be on the same page before you send your quotes as to save us both the time and hassle. Thank you.