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International vehicle shipping to Ireland

Venter Vans A Go Go
Posted by: Fran Ventner

Hi there. My company, Venter Vans A Go Go, is an International vehicle rental company that helps travelers get on their way without delay. I am looking for an International shipping company that can help us get some vehicles to our location just outside of Dublin. The vehicles in questions will be coming from Cardiff, Wales and we will need them to their new location by June third. The shipment is going to be a total of sixteen vehicles. Four of them are conversion style vans and the rest are going to be cars. All of the vehicles have the appropriate paperwork in place already to get in Ireland so that should not be any factor in your time estimate. I am, however, interested in your time table for the pick up to the delivery of these particular vehicles especially given their start location and where they need to end up in such a short time frame.