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International book shipping to Lithuania

Books To You Inc
Posted by: Linda Parker

Good afternoon. I am with Books To You Inc and we are based out of Pisz, Poland. We are a books whole seller who tries to bring books to the masses at reasonable prices, which is our target goal. We have some new resellers coming on board in Kaunas, Lithuania that we need to ship some books to in the coming weeks. The first shipment of books is actually going be about thirteen pallets of books, which is a fairly sizable load. And this being an International shipment, I know it will be a bit more cumbersome to arrange this as opposed to if we were just shipping down the street. Subsequent orders will vary in size, but I imagine they will not be this hefty. Please let me know if you can help and if you need any further information in order to work up a quote for the price ranges we are looking at for shipping these books. Thank you.