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International desk shipping to Greece

Office Furnishings by Georgio LLC
Posted by: Brendan Zander

Good day to you all. I am with Office Furnishings by Georgio LLC and we are a furniture dealer based in Milan, Italy. We are going to be supplying the new furniture for an office in Athens, Greece and I am looking for an International shipping company that can help me get our things there. The client in Athens has ordered their new desks for the office from us, which we are naturally happy to fill. This is a forty person office and they have placed an order for forty two desks. This is the only thing being shipped in this particular order, but as you can see, it is a fairly large order. They have asked to receive the desks in four weeks time so we do have some flexibility with the shipping date for these. I am hoping to find a shipping company that offers delivery confirmation, given the high monetary value of this order. Thank you for your time.