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International freight shipping into Hungary

LPP Corp
Posted by: Felicity Tompson

LPP Corp is a large scale manufacturer located in the Czech Republic, just outside of Prague in a small town called Kladno. We are currently seeking bids and proposal for International freight shippers to come on board and help us with a few routes that have come available recently. The first, and arguably most crucial to fill, route is going to be from here to Budapest, Hungary. After this route is filled, we will be looking to get the Debrecen, Hungary piece of the route filled as well. We do have other locations within Hungary, as well as in Slovenia, that will need to be filled down the road, but we have prioritized the routes based on need. If you can accommodate these routes in a short period of time, please respond to this post with your qualifications as well as at least four referrals. We will also need your insurance information in order to fully process your proposal. Thank you.