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International cargo shipping to Chile

Caravan Customs Corp
Posted by: Leigh Brown

Good morning. My company, Caravan Customs Corp, is looking for a cargo shipping company. We need to be able to get some cargo from our closest ware house in Honduras to Chile so this will be an International shipment, if that matters to the companies that are looking on here. The things we need to ship will vary based on the orders we have and need to fill. An example of the things we ship are things like car and auto hitches for towing, camper van accessories, and bike racks. I have a digital catalog I can forward if you are so inclined to browse through it for reference. We are interested in getting a tracking system or something set up when we start shipping through this new cargo shipper so please keep that in mind when you are replying to this post. Please ask any questions before bidding so everybody's on the same page. Thanks.