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Furnishings Abroad LLC
Posted by: Trish Pender

Good evening. My company, Furnishings Abroad LLC, is looking for an International shipping company that ca help us get our furniture to a client in Belize. The furniture will be shipping from here in Guatemala, thereby making this International, even though it is not going all that far relatively speaking. The shipment in question is full of seven pieces of furniture. There are two fairly large size couches that will be included in the order and one chaise lounge. A dining room table made of mahogany with hand carved legs is the forth piece. The last three pieces of furniture that are going to round out the order are all arm chairs. They are all a little different, but all have exposed wooden legs and upholstery. We will have all seven pieces wrapped appropriately and ready to be shipped so the shipping company does not need to worry about that piece of the process.