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Determined Designs
Posted by: Lance Kelvin

Good morning. My company, Determined Designs, is searching for an International shipping company that can ship to Iceland. We are having a hard time finding a company to do this from Venezuela, where the shipment will be originating from for whatever reason. The shipment in question will consist of four pieces of furniture. Specifically it will be one couch, one chaise lounge chair, one arm chair and one desk. All of the pieces will be wrapped and ready for shipping so the shipper does not need to worry about that part. But all of the pieces are a bit bulky which is why I believe some of the companies we have contacted about shipping them have been reluctant to ship them in the first place. I would like to have these four pieces in route to our client within the next two weeks if possible. If you can help, please send your contract with your bid so our legal department can look it over. Thank you.