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International art shipping to Turkey

An Artist's Eye LLC
Posted by: Tanya Logan

Good evening. I am with An Artist's Eye LLC and we are in need of a new shipping company. We have just sold some pieces of art to a new client in Ankara, Turkey and we need to ship them to that client in the next week, which has sent me on a wild goose chase looking for shipping options. Our normal shipper refuses to offer insurance on our art because of the size of them so I have given him the boot and am looking for a new International shipper. The shipment is going to consist of nine pieces of framed art, all of which will be packaged separately for safety purposes. We have all the Customs paperwork ready to go, both to leave France (where they are going to be shipped from) and to get into Turkey. That being said, we would like a list of the paperwork you would like so that we can cross check them to be safe.