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International equipment shipping to Estonia

Construct a Scene Equipment Company
Posted by: Katrina Levy

Good evening. My company, Construct a Scene Equipment Company, has asked me to gather a bit of information about shipping options for some up coming jobs we need to plan for soon. We need to ship some equipment from Taurage, Lithuania to a client in Tartu, Estoniia. They need to have this equipment by the end of next month so we do have a bit of time to work out the details and get everything lined up, although we do not wish to wait until the last minute to arrange this. The equipment that we need to ship is construction in nature, such as fork lifts, bull dozers and cranes. Because the load we need to ship is so massive, I know that is going to narrow down our choices of International shipper. That being said, I know we have some options out there and am just looking for a few companies to be able to compare and contrast please.